A small halloween prototype for #devtober.

Ghosts decided to ban skeletons from halloween this year, due to the trend of barebones decorations seen in the preceding years, which they feel is not in the spirit of the holiday.

Fight Sneak for your right to party and escape the dungeon where they try to keep you captive.

Fullscreen isn't working right now, might update later.
Fullscreen SHOULD be working now, will look into it later. No promises.


Thanks to FluffeyPanda's World for reviewing my prototype on YT!


Q: How come the ghosts can't hear me?
A: They're deaf.

Q: Can the ghosts move through walls?
A: Yes, but they constantly forget about it.

Q: Why is the filesize of the downloadables so big?
A: I don't know man, I haven't done a lot of games before.

Q: Do you think this is funny?
A: No, I think it's humerus.

Q: What does "Pinch to zoom" mean?
A: Game was originally planned for mobile. Woops! Might take it out sometime.

Q: Your game doesn't work on my device.
A: That's not a question. Also, I'm sorry.

Install instructions

The downloadables don't require any special software or permissions so it should be pretty straightforward to play.


skelloween_win.zip 129 MB
skelloween_mac.app.zip 132 MB


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Good Game. 


Good video :)

With All thanks and appreciation to the creator of the game!!


Thank you so much! Very appreciated.

Can you tell me which version you played? The ghosts aren't supposed to be flashing like that, weird glitch. 

I really don't remember

It was alright I wish more of your humor from the Q and A would have translated into the game but it worked pretty much as intended good luck making games in the future! my play through here: 


Thanks man, added it to the page!